Committees and Background Guides

2019 Committee Topics

Background guides now available via links. Please see the Position Paper tab for instructions on how to submit your paper. 

High School

Security Council: The Refugee Crisis  (Background Guide: unhcrgc2019

Disarmament and International Security Committee: Addressing the Yemeni Civil War (Background Guide: disecgc2019

Economic and Social Council: : Treatment of Prisoners (Background Guide: ecosocgc2019

Special Political & Decolonization Committee: Cyber Espionage and Its Role in National Elections: (Background Guide: the special political and decolonization committee

United Nations Environmental Programme: Deforestation (Background Guide: unepgc2019

UN Women: Girls Education and Gender Equality (Background Guide: Girls Education and Gender Equality 2019 Update)

Security Council (2): The Refugee Crisis  (Background Guide: unhcrgc2019

Middle School

UNEP: Deforestation (Background Guide: unepgc2019